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ReNU for Wood Floors

The no-sanding way to have your wood floors professionally refinished and restored to their original beauty.

Many people agree that there is nothing more beautiful than wood flooring; however, with normal use, the beauty and luster of your floor will eventually be diminished by scuffs, scratches, gouges and an overall dull and worn appearance.

Before the development of ReNU For Wood Floors, your only option would have been to suffer the inconvenience of leaving your home during the sanding and refinishing process, as well as the high cost associated with conventional wood floor refinishing.

With the RENU For Wood Floors system you now have another option. Our award-winning technology allows you to have beautifully refinished floors with no messy sanding, and at about one-half the cost of having them sanded and refinished.

Is ReNU for Wood Floors the Right Solution for You?

Do you have scuff marks that have penetrated into the surface finish and have become permanent?

Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 4.26.36 AM

Do you have a scratched finish that is the result of heavy traffic from people and pets?

Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 4.26.49 AM       


Do you have a gouged surface that is the result of heavy traffic and furniture that has caused permanent gouges and pits in the surface?

Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 4.27.00 AM    


Or maybe you floor is dull and worn.  After years of use your floor no longer looks bright and clear.

Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 4.27.07 AM    

The ReNU For wood floors advantage

  • Will not change original floor color
  • No Sanding and no dust
  • Low Odor – no special ventilation necessary.
  • Room is ready to use within 24 hours
  • Very Economical

ReNU For Wood comes in 3 different finishes, choose the one that best fits your lifestyle…  Satin, Semi-gloss, and High Gloss

How much can you save with ReNu wood floors?

ReNU For Wood Floors is a revolutionary product that eliminates the high cost and time-consuming hassles of sanding & refinishing your wood floors.

The secret is to catch wood floor finish problems early, before the bare wood shows through the finish.  Then your trusted professional can restore the original finished beauty the easy way with ReNU For Wood Floors.

Our advanced floor finishing technology works in just one day with no sanding.  It is the best solution for you and your wallet.

Wood Floors Finished

What Will Happen if you do nothing?

You will put up with dull, scratched up wood floors.  Your wood will only get worse.  And eventually you will have to have it sanded at a higher price. Not to mention the 50% increase it may cost you.  Who needs that, when now you have a choice.

Let’s not forget the ReNU for Wood Floors System is safe and won’t hurt your floors in any way.  In fact, after the finish dries, it is rock hard.  So if you have an active family, or dog, it’ll withstand them and more.  Best of all the finish will last for years.

Amazingly, ReNU for Wood Floors is so revolutionary, it eliminates the high cost and time-consuming hassles of sanding and refinishing your wood floors.

How ReNU for Wood Floors Works

Our award-winning technology allows you to have beautifully refinished floors with no messy sanding, and at about one-half the cost of having them sanded and refinished.

First we will check for contaminants that would prevent adhesion.  For example, if it is determined that there is wax on your wood floor finish it would need to be removed.  Then we would begin with the 3-Step finishing process.

Step 1:

ReNU for Wood Floors no-sanding formula chemically “sands” the floor.  Just like sanding, this unique formula abrades the old finish to receive a beautiful new topcoat.  It saves the hours, expense and the mess of conventional sanding.

Step 2:

ReNU for Wood Floors repair products are applied to any necessary repairs to the surface of the floor before applying the final finish.

Step 3: 

ReNU for Wood Floors Unique catalyzed wood finish is applied and permanently locks with the original finish for an attractive, clear finish that lasts.

The next day, you’ll be enjoying your newly restored floors, and enjoying the satisfaction of having saved lots of money with floors protected by a finish that’s as tough and durable as it is beautiful.

Why shouldn’t you get your floors the way you want right now?  It’s simple dial me now and get your floor back to the way you feel they should be in less 24hrs. We can Bring Back That Mirror Shine you deserve and want.

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